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Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Application

menu91 - Multi Restaurant Food Ordering App is an online food ordering, restaurant management and delivery system. Its a full-fledged Progressive Web App built with PHP.

Our trust Factors :
Our App supports multi restaurant at multiple cities with multiple payment gateway. Our app is well Designed and Secured.

menu 91 – Food Delivery app is fully functional and ready to use app with PHP backend, you will receive User App, Restaurant App, Delivery App and Admin Panel.

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Easy Integration :

We provide a solution with an easy-to-use, secure platform that's up when you need it most. utilize market opportunities and unleash new experiences at the speed of your business.

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Low Maintenance :

Our Product will load instantly, regardless of the network state. They eliminate dependence on a network connection, ensuring an instant and reliable user experience, even with bad or nonexistent internet connection.

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Qr-Code Menu

Revolutionary QR Code Based Digital Menu. Simply, download the QR code that directly leads to your menu without having to download or install app.

Get the Perfect App for your Restaurent, Take your Kitchen to your Customer's.

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Why we are the best

6 Reasons to Choose us

Digital menu, digital order and digital payment.

Go with digital menu! Use online ordering to make money. Run a restaurant digital ordering system on your own restaurant website. Give your customers a comfortable payment option and Delivery via your restaurant mobile app.

Realtime menu management.

Our Realtime menu management system can help you organize items and dishes in seconds. You can even schedule your Menus to introduce Specials Day's for certain times of Festival Day or to change with the Seasons.

Built-in CRM and Secured Code.

Our CRM tools will have built-in Firebase marketing or SMS Automation tools, making it easy to identify potential loyal customers and send them promotions.

Realtime feedback

Real-time customer feedback is essential to make businesses run better but also a gesture to show customers that you care abot them.

Dynamic time sensitive offers and discounts

Dynamic Ads to promote your time-sensitive sales or other seasonal sales? In this article, you’ll know how to create your product feed to run Facebook dynamic ads campaign with beginning and end dates.

Realtime Notification

Our Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your Customers. Firebase notifications are so powerful that can bring the Realtime Notification for You and your Customers.

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